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About Santa Land

The Christmas ornament is a simple icon of holiday cheer. There has been a lot of speculation over when the tradition of decorating Christmas trees but it is believed it first originated in the 16th century in Germany. Glass baubles were first manufactured in the town of Lauscha in Germany and were known back then as “Kugel” (“bauble” or “ball” in German).

During World War II, the United States surpassed Germany in ornament production. Domestic suppliers produced glass ornaments in bulk, and the American proved themselves loyal customers.

In the 1960s and 1970s, European Glass and American Glass ornaments such as Santa Land continued to be made, but in the early 1980s plastic was becoming popular and the market for glass ornaments was waning due to their production costs, fragility and delicateness.

It wasn't until late 1990's and early 2000's, that a renaissance of glass ornaments began. However, these new glass ornaments were not like the ornaments of the 1950's to 1980's. The new ornaments were much larger and cost considerably more for just a single ornament. While beautiful, it took a large, sturdy tree to hold the weight and the size of these ornaments. And the once American made vintage glass ornaments were now manufactured by machine and produced in China.

In 2020, Santa Land rekindled a collection of vintage inspired mouth blown, hand painted European glass ornaments, tree topper and beloved Christmas decorations. With meticulous attention to the production process honoring the glass ornament industry roots and handcrafting heirloom European Glass Christmas ornaments, Santa Land preserves and contributes to keeping the spirit of the glass cottage industry alive.

Santa Land is a return to the nostalgia of Christmas past. Putting up the Christmas decorations with family being one of the happiest times of the season year after year. Santa Land sparks a time of reminiscing and reconnecting to a Christmas long ago. See what memories you find this Christmas with Santa Land