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Santa Land Yvie In Vintage Candy Cane Striped Gown - 1 Glass Ornament 7.00 Inch, Glass - Dames Of Candy Stripe Lane Shopper Italian Italy 23D1050

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Santa Land Christmas Ornaments Known For Their Quality, Design, And Artistry Is A Vintage-Inspired Line Featuring Glass Ornaments. Originally Introduced In The 1970s, Santa Land Ornaments Decorated Christmas Trees And Homes Adding To The "Magic" Of The Season. Santa Land Take Us Back In Our Minds And Hearts To A More Uncomplicated, Innocent Time. Meet Yvie, she a postcard of vintage America!  Literally !!  Her outfit is a vintage-inspired candy cane vertical striped dress with a matching hat. Yvie's skirt is white with red glittered stripes. her bodice is white with matching red stripes, a white faux fur collar, and a white faux fur muff. Her curly brown hair is topped with a white felted wool hat and glittered a sprig of glittered ivy and berries.