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Santa Land Nick & Nicky's Candy Stripe Carousel - 1 Glass Ornament 8.00 Inch, Glass - Ornament Italian Italy Candy Striped Lane 23D1070

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Santa Land Christmas Ornaments Known For Their Quality, Design, And Artistry Is A Vintage-Inspired Line Featuring Glass Ornaments. Originally Introduced In The 1970s, Santa Land Ornaments Decorated Christmas Trees And Homes Adding To The "Magic" Of The Season. Santa Land Take Us Back In Our Minds And Hearts To A More Uncomplicated, Innocent Time. There has been a long wait at the Nick & Nicky's red, green, and silver candy-striped carousel. This is a first for the Candy Striped Lane winter festival. The carousel measures 8.00  inches tall. The top dome measures 3.00 inches wide and the bottom dome measures 4.00 wide. Nick & Nicky dressed in their traditional Santa suit with black belts and gold glittered buckles.  Both wear a felted wool stocking cap with white faux fur trim.